4th Human Bird Flu Case Highlights Pandemic Risk 

United States: The fourth human case has been registered where a dairy worker in Colorado has reportedly been positive for the bird flu infection. 

The case comes amid the ongoing bird flu outbreak, which had started to spawn among the cattle beginning this spring. 

More about the news 

According to a health official report from Colorado, the infected person started to feel symptoms on the milder scale when he reported to the healthcare provider about inflammation in the eyes, a condition called conjunctivitis. 

4th Human Bird Flu Case Highlights Pandemic Risk. Credit | Reuters
4th Human Bird Flu Case Highlights Pandemic Risk. Credit | Reuters

As per the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment statement, as a treatment, he has been provided with antiviral medication, which he later recovered, as the Washington Post reported. 

The infected worked on a dairy farm 

As per the reports, the person used to work in a dairy farm located in the northeastern part of Colorado, where he had direct exposure to dairy cattle, which got infected with the virus H5N1, causing bird flu. 

However, as per officials’ reports of the area, the workers were provided with personal protective equipment, especially at the place where the man worked. 

State epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy said, “We are still gathering additional information about the worker’s exposures and PPE use,” as the Washington Post reported. 

Previous human cases of bird flue 

Earlier, two cases were reported among the dairy workers; one was from Texas, reported in April, and the second one came from Michigan and came to light in May. 

The common symptom noticed was eye inflammation. The second worker also reported experiencing cough and eye discomfort with watery discharge. Moreover, for the first time, he reported experiencing extensive respiratory and eye symptoms, as the Washington Post reported. 

According to Colorado health officials, the worker started showing symptoms in late June, who intimated about it to the healthcare givers the next day. Furthermore, he was tested two days after the onset of symptoms. However, additional testing done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), confirmed the case is positive for bird flu.