Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Are Impacting Mental Health: Experts 

United States: Although there have been researches pointing out possible effects of semaglutide drugs that are present in Ozempic and similar drugs, few are concerned about the influence popularized these drugs within a population. 

Personal Stories and Insights 

According to CBS News, Heather Young, who struggled with weight her entire life, shared that her teen years and early adulthood were filled with trying “one thing after another only to fail again and again and again and just feel so defeated.” 

At 37, Young reflects, “All we ever wanted was a magic fix. Instead, we were bombarded with diet culture, harmful pills, calorie counting, and fad diets.” 

Market Trends and Public Reactions 

Medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro have become popular for rapid weight loss, helping many, including celebrities, shed significant weight. Young commented on this phenomenon, saying, “My initial feelings were definitely complex. 

Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Are Impacting Mental Health. | Shutterstock
Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Are Impacting Mental Health. | Shutterstock

On one hand, I want everyone to be their best selves — physically, mentally, and emotionally. If there is a medication that makes that more obtainable, I am happy for them. But… these drugs are being marketed as a magic fix, and it does trigger me.” 

Expert Opinions 

Dr. Rekha Kumar, obesity specialist and chief medical officer at the weight loss app, emphasizes that these drugs are “a scientific breakthrough.” 

She notes, “Not just because of weight control, but because of cardiovascular risk reduction and treating diabetes. People are actually getting healthier, and that’s the point of medicine. It isn’t just to be thinner.” 

However, Dr. Kumar also highlights a growing concern: “We’re seeing people wanting to get ahold of these medicines who don’t need them at all – people trying to fit into dresses and wanting to lose vanity weight. And that’s not really what these were made for.” 

Social Media and Market Issues 

The demand for these drugs has surged, with companies like Costco and Hims & Hers joining the GLP-1 craze. Unfortunately, this has also led to the emergence of fake products with poorly printed labels on social media. 

Broader Impact and Ongoing Discussion 

Heather Young’s concerns are shared by others, including Victorious Garrick Browne, a passionate mental health activist with a binge eating disorder

In a recent episode of the ‘Real Pod’ podcast, Browne expressed, “The Ozempic craze has been really hard for me because when I was younger, all I wanted was a magic pill that would make me lose 30 pounds.” 

She added, “It feels like we have that now. This drug that you inject, and you lose all this weight. It feels like seeing it in celebrities and in everyday life makes it seem like this thing we all thought was impossible for weight loss is now a real thing.” 

Licensed mental health counselor Alyssa Mairanz, owner of Empower Your Mind Therapy, adds, “Sometimes you find a healthy relationship, and in your adulthood, you can be re-triggered by so many factors. Many people find themselves re-triggered at different phases in adulthood.”