My experience using VSL#3® Probiotic Medical Food + a DISCOUNT

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Living with ulcerative colitis brings something new each day. In an effort to stay ‘on top’ of my symptoms, I take a variety of measures like being mindful of the foods I eat, exercising moderately, and using supplements designed for my needs. One of the supplements that helps
keep my symptoms at bay, especially when I am in remission, is VSL#3®. VSL#3® is the #1 prescription probiotic used by gastroenterologists and has been shown to be safe and well- tolerated in clinical trials. Be sure to read on for my VSL3 review and discount!

If you’ve followed me for some time now, you know I’ve had quite the journey with ulcerative colitis. My journey with ulcerative colitis – from my initial diagnosis in 2011 to present and everything I’ve tried along the way, including diets, supplements, testing, biologics, and more is summarized in this podcast episode. But the short version is that it’s been a rollercoaster of struggles mixed with periods of remission. Life with a chronic disease is often filled with highs and lows. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot about ulcerative colitis and myself over the years, so now I’m able to advocate for myself and utilize every resource available to me to help me achieve and
maintain remission.

My VSL#3 review

VSL#3® is a high-potency probiotic medical food – which must be used under the supervision of a physician – and is intended for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative colitis, and ileal pouch. This advanced probiotic medical food provides a higher CFU count and diversity of strains than other leading OTC brands to help protect the gastrointestinal tract and help manage an unhealthy gut. VSL#3® high-potency probiotics are lactose, gluten and soy free, are non-GMO verified and certified Kosher.

Your digestive tract contains trillions of bacteria. Most bacteria are considered good bacteria – the kind that keep you healthy. But you also have bad bacteria. People with conditions such as IBS & UC have more bad bacteria than good bacteria in their digestive tract. More bad bacteria can cause problems that lead to uncomfortable and even debilitating symptoms, as well as anxiety that comes from having to cope with those symptoms. VSL#3® is an advanced probiotic option that provides multiple strains of bacteria needed to restore the necessary amount of good bacteria in your digestive tract to manage your condition.

If you’re not familiar with ulcerative colitis (UC), it is a chronic disease that affects about 1 million Americans and causes inflammation and sores, called ulcers, in the inner lining of the large intestine, which includes the colon and the rectum. The inflammation causes erosion of the lining of the colon, leading to bleeding, production of pus, diarrhea, and severe abdominal discomfort. These are all symptoms I’ve experienced time and again and do everything within my power to avoid. That’s where VSL#3® comes in.

My experience with VSL#3

I’ve been using VSL#3® with much personal success. Any time I take a stool test, the bacteria in the genus Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are often at acceptable levels which I know is thanks to VSL#3®. It’s so important that these levels are acceptable because they are considered keystone bacteria for a healthy microbiome (which is something everyone needs—and especially someone with UC). I add VSL#3® to my morning iced coffee (it’s important to mix with cold non-carbonated beverages so the potency stays strong). It’s pretty simple, I just put it in a shaker, along with collagen and some other supplements to keep my symptoms at bay. VSL#3® is a must-have, especially when I’m in remission, because it keeps me regular and helps keep my symptoms to
an absolute minimum.

It is important to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dosage and length of therapy for your condition. It may take up to 1 month for the colonization of the gut to become optimally stable. VSL#3® Capsules and VSL#3® Unflavored 450B Packets are available for purchase without a prescription on VSL#3 is stocked or available to order at all retail chains and independent pharmacies. VSL#3® is kept refrigerated behind the pharmacy counter so ask the pharmacist.

A special VSL#3 discount

To get a discount, when ordering online at enter the code TRYVSL3 at checkout to save $5 and receive free shipping on our 2-packs. I recommend talking to your doctor about VSL#3® to determine if it is right for you. I am excited to share this great medical food in hopes that it helps you manage your symptoms and helps you feel your best. If you have any questions about my journey using VSL#3®, just ask, I’m happy to answer them!

You can find VSL#3 at retailers nationwide or on their website at If ordering from them online, enter the code TRYVSL3 for $5 off your order!

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