Sometimes it’s not the food

What do these all have in common for someone suffering from an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)?🙋‍♀️⁠

Sometimes they just don’t work.👎⁠ Sometimes it’s not the food… and please do not feel badly about that. 

Let’s not forget, these diets, where you cut out certain food groups and eliminate specific types of foods; they can be really hard, mentally, emotionally, and physically on the body. 😓⁠

Try them. Give them 100% effort. 💪⁠

But if they don’t work, don’t feel bad. ⁠

There are some of us in this IBD world where these diet changes just don’t work. ⁠Again, sometimes it’s not the food. 

In my recent YouTube video, I chat all about the diets I’ve tried and some other surprises about ulcerative colitis

If you’re somebody who has tried ✨all the diets✨ and are really struggling, I have a few tips as far as what to eat when you’re in a flare.🔥⁠ They are simple and straightforward and can make all the difference when you don’t know what to eat. Keep it simple. 

⏩Eat whole foods: from the Earth 🌎, from an animal🐓, or from the ocean🐠. ⁠

⏩Avoid: ⁠

🚫Super processed foods ⁠
🚫Fake ingredients ⁠
🚫Artificial flavors ⁠
🚫Colors ⁠

Put this insider tip in your back pocket👖: Make the consistency of your food really soft, almost like baby food.👶 ⁠

A lot of times when I’m in a really bad flare, I will drink smoothies, I’ll have soup, and I’ll puree foods like vegetables because it just breaks things down a little bit more. It’s easier to digest and it’s easier on your digestive system! ⁠

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