Zoom Fatigue: Recovery with Sensory Tools to Improve Your Health


Zoom fatigue sensory tools, what are they and how do you get them? Plus how do you keep your brains thinking clearly while on zoom all day?

I get so tired of being online all day, physically and mentally.  So, I’ve worked really hard at finding new tools that help me stay alert and in less pain.

I don’t know about you, but ever since COVID started, I am on my computer way more than before.

Are You Online All Day?

How about you, what are you online for these days?

  • working from home
  • classes online
  • doctor visit on TeleMedicine
  • counseling sessions on TeleHealth
  • church services on FaceBook or Vimeo

Tired of Zoom Fatigue?

Want to fight zoom fatigue?  Be able to pay attention on virtual calls and video sessions? 

Well there’s lots of help to fighting zoom fatigue, this article will focus on the tools you can use while online. 

I love to share my favorite resources with everyone, because they are awesome!!

Here’s links to my Top 3 favorite Sensory tools to fight zoom fatigue.

Neck Pain in Zoom

Well, my neck hurts all day when I’m bending my head down looking at the computer.

So I finally did it, I got something that literally helps me every day!!

Disclaimer: This article has resources about restoring wellness, and is based on my research and my experiences.  This information is not meant to take the place of counseling or therapy.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable or need to talk to someone, wellness resources may be helpful.

Standing Desk

Who knew this one tool would makes this much difference??

My neck pain is better, my back and shoulders are less tense!! 

Just ask my massage therapist!!  She says my neck, shoulders, and back are way less tight since I’ve been using my standing desk.

Sensory Tools = 5 Senses

Sensory tools include our 5 senses, including standing and moving.

Sometimes, we may forget that standing and not sitting all day is important for our overall health.

Getting up and moving every day is a key part to staying healthy!!

How Does Standing Help?

Standing up automatically straightens your shoulders and neck so you’re entire spine is straight.  Versus, sitting in a chair, your shoulders are hunkered forward, your neck is tilted down looking at the computer screen or desk. 

The longer you sit, all the muscles tighten and seize up, causing cramping and  so much pain.  Especially as many suffer from arthritis, stenosis, and back pain.  The pain can be so bad, so the standing desk is essential for me now that I know it works!

This brand is highly recommended and I actually bought mine from Costco.  Amazon also sales it, the link is below.  By the way, I receive a tiny commission if you make a purchase on this link.

Features of a Standing Desk

Make sure to look at the measurements of the standing desk, I wanted a standing desk that could fit two monitors.

Look at the features on the standing desk, because it was really important to me that it be electronic so it would be seamless moving up and down during counseling sessions.  Which is a game changer for me, because as I start hurting, I can just move the desk up to standing.



I so love this stuff and literally use it every day that I’m online.  Great stress reliever!

It helps me stay awake and alert on long days on the computer.

I can squeeze it, pinch it, stretch it, and twish it.  All while paying attention to my clients and team members online.

Which Theraputty To Use?

  • Restless?  Start with a firmer putty to get the tension out.
  • Anxious?  Choose a softer one to mold gently.
  • Tired?  Go with whichever you can grab first to stay alert.

Benefits of TheraPutty

TheraPutty is a type of therapy putty that is used to help with:

  • strengthen hand muscles
  • improve fine motor skills
  • decrease stress

Safe & Fun TheraPutty

This brand is safe, non-toxic if swallowed, and is free of gluten, casein, and latex.  It does not dry out.

This is a fantastic zoom fatigue sensory tool to use anytime!

This link takes you to TheraPutty which has 6 color coded resistance levels included.  By the way, I receive a tiny commission if you make a purchase on this link.

zoom picture with sensory tools

Sensory Relief Kit

Have you ever been falling asleep… or zoning out… or struggling paying attention?

Especially when you’re on TeleHealth session after session, on digital TeleMedicine seeing patients, and all day on virtual classes trying to learn.

It’s all so much to be online all day and the stress climbs higher.

Keeping alert with concentration is seriously difficult.

There are times when you just need to …

  • Relieve mood
  • Release stress
  • Enhance attention

Movement is Key

Our bodies are meant to move, to stretch, to not sit still all day.

Circadian rhythm research shows we need to move every hour, just to keep our brains thinking clearly. 
So how do you stay alert while you stay online all day?
One of the greatest ways I have found is sensory tools.

Here’s one pack of sensory tools that has many helpful benefits for zoom fatigue sensory needs!!

24 Pack – Sensory Stress Relief Kit

  • Liquid Motion Timer
  • Mochi Squishy
  • Stretchy String
  • Magic Cube
  • Grape Balls
  • Flippy Chain
  • Easter Egg
  • Stress Balls
  • Egg Slime
  • Marble Mesh
  • Squeeze Bean
  • Fidget Toys
  • Cube
  • … for ages 3 and up
  • … for Autism, ADD, ADHD, Anti-Stress

This link brings you to Amazon, where there are numerous sensory tools. By the way, I receive a tiny commission if you make a purchase on this link.

At-home Retreat

While so many of us are staying home and focusing on our own health in a myriad of ways… we’ve gathered some of our favorite wellness resources for you!

  • SPIRITUAL PRACTICES with prayers and sacred quotes
  • TAI CHI EASY video steps for beginners
  • RELAXING MEDITATION video for all ages
  • KIDS MEDITATIONS fun and interactive
  • INSPIRATION VIDEOS and positive affirmations

Peaceful Wellness Resources

During hard times, we all need more hopeful moments, peaceful practices, and calming spaces. Here’s how you can create your own peaceful practices:

Calming Wellness Resources

Let’s boost your immune system by using these peaceful practices.

There are 3 wellness resources!! Get 24/7 access from your home, anytime, anywhere!

Yes, I want Wellness Resources

Improve Your Wellness

I’d love to hear about your journey and how you’re doing through COVID-19.  Let’s connect, survive, and thrive together.

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Blessings ? 

Beth Moore

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