EP35: Bean Protocol FAQs – Carrots ‘N’ Cake

If you’re curious about the Bean Protocol, this episode is for you! I cover what it’s all about and answer some frequently asked questions. Basically, I get right to it with Bean Protocol FAQs! 

I’ve done the Bean Protocol for 2 weeks now, so I share my personal experience and then get into some specific details about the protocol and how it works. I share some background about Karen Hurd as well as how and why the protocol works so well. 


Once you listen to this episode, feel free to listen to my update after 1 month of the protocol. 


Bean Protocol FAQs in this episode: 

  • Who is Karen Hurd?
  • How does the Bean Protocol work?
  • How do you prevent gas and bloating?
  • What kinds of beans should you eat?
  • Are some beans better than others?
  • Is it okay to eat the beans with fat?
  • Is the Bean Protocol good for IBD?


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