Bird-origin influenza virus confirmed as cause of bottlenose dolphin death in US, evidencing animal-to-human transmission.

Research reveals spinal cord injuries trigger fat accumulation and metabolic changes, potentially explaining links to heart disease and diabetes.

Chicago health experts issue warning about rising Syphilis cases, urging increased screening due to atypical symptoms.

Health officials in the US discovered inactive bird flu traces in pasteurized milk samples, raising concerns about infection risks from the dairy supply.

A new AI tool improves cancer immunotherapy safety and efficacy with personalized response predictions.

The opening of the tribal Cherokee tribe dispensary is a significant economic development, cultural preservation, and reform on cannabis regulation act reunion.

Taking time to clean thoroughly and choosing organic products over regular ones will allow consumers to reduce their chances of pesticide exposure.

Swift action needed to prevent mental health crisis among homeless, requiring preventive measures and holistic support programs for a brighter future.

Indeed, blinking becomes an active process, and it is crucial for sharpening vision and quickening human mental perception.

Through a global initiative, the Biden administration aims to advance international collaboration and preparedness to prevent future pandemics.