Years of biologics drugs to medication-free [ulcerative colits]

I spent 16 months on Remicade, 4.5 years on Entyvio, and 7 months on Stelara to help manage my symptoms of ulcerative colitis. One by one, each of these biologic drugs failed me. Nowadays, after quite the healing journey, I’m happy to say, I’m medication-free after biologics!

With all my heart, on World IBD Day, I send positive, healing vibes to anyone who is struggling with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s Disease. 

If you’re struggling… 

I see you…

I hear you… 

I am you.

For the majority of us (myself included), remission is not forever. IBD is a life-long, chronic illness, and there is no cure (yet). 

Even still, there’s one thing that’s completely in your control…

Your response to uncontrollable things.

Despite doing all the ‘right’ things, there were many times when I couldn’t control my symptoms, but what I could control was my response to it.

Of course, I felt sad, angry, and frustrated as hell after battling UC for a decade. I felt sorry for myself, I cried, and I chose to isolate myself from others. 

I had many, many meltdowns, but then made the CHOICE to get my shit together and NOT GIVE UP. 

Life with ulcerative colitis has taught me the art of self-preservation, resilience, and adaptability.  

Instead of sitting idle, letting UC happen TO me, I chose to learn as much as I could, follow recommended protocols, and advocate for myself by building a care team that SUPPORTS my health instead of making it more difficult.

What you can do today

If you feel like you’re facing an uphill battle, know that you have more control than you think you do… you can: 

  1. Slow down and get to know YOUR body… because only you can heal yourself.
  2. LET GO!! The more you push against the disease, the MORE it will push you back. 
  3. Do less. Relax. You are worthy of rest.
  4. Never, ever give up. 

Life with a chronic illness is like a rollercoaster, but, overtime, you begin to understand your body better, so you find remission faster and easier. 

The more you quiet down your mind, the more your body will tell you what it needs to heal. 

Side note: I used to HATE advice like this ABOVE when I was really struggling with flare symptoms. I blew it off and thought it was so annoying. Today, I totally ‘get it’ and embrace it. And it’s not the food… unless you’re eating like an asshole. 😉 

P.S. If you’re feeling lost, I gotchu. I shared my UC healing journey in this document. Get all of the details, protocols, and resources for FREE! 

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